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March 24 2012


Boost your business with mobiles

Technology has changed the face of the world especially made a drastic change in business world. You often have noticed while walking down the street that people are too much engrossed in their cell phones and iPods that they even don’t bother to have a look at you. They are busy in sharing messages, pictures, opinions, articles and other blogs or anything else that can be transferred to friends via web. These days’ mobile phones are simply the way of life for people and best thing is people are more connected to their closed ones and ease their lives in so many ways from business to household purposes.

Mobile usage and mobile phone applications in general are something that must be considered by business man in order to upgrade their business marketing strategies. This type of technology is not just growing but is useful as well; today the entire globe is connected via mobile devices. People are more convenient in using mobile apps and texts rather than making calls through phones. These devices are handy and are always on all the time. The number of people using cellphones is increasing with every passing day especially youth is more into it, youth is the potential group of customers that business can advertise via mobile application and devices. It is very easy for business to promote their product and services through mobile instantly. With a single touch people are able to share their favorite brands and their services with their friends and in fact the entire community.

In today’s technological era mobile phone is all the time high and people are busy in surfing net through it. Latest technology made them available with countless useful apps that can easily download on iPods and smartphones just with few touches. Smartphones, laptops, tablets and other similar devices has connected people and has created a global market for businesses to promote and advertise in.

Mobiles especially the mobile apps are something that every businessman has to consider for the success of their business. In this way they will be able to reach to more future customers to expand the already established business in a better way. Interestingly, some of the entrepreneurs have developed apps and are enjoying the customer’s attention and greater shares. It is predicted that in the near future more businesses will look upon it and will make it in use for greater and larger benefits that can take their business to another level.

In a nut shell, mobile devices and its apps are the next promotional tool for businesses and marketing specialist as it is fast and is cost effective in comparison to other promotional and advertisement tools.

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February 14 2012


Will Andre Villa Boas be sacked by the Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich?

   A change doesn’t always promise positive outcomes they say. Media reports say that Chelsea’s Manager Andre Villa Boas is walking on a tight rope. Blues have failed to make a blazing start under the Young Portuguese coach and a recent dip in results further eluded them from their aim of challenging for the Premier league title. Further there has been speculation that with club captain also under pressure due to controversy related to racism charges on him by Queens Park Rangers defender Anton Ferdinand, Villa-Boas has lost control of the players. So is it time to bid farewell to the manager titled the “New Mourinho” at the start of the season? With the winter transfer window approaching is it time for the Roman to act? I don’t think so. 

With overseas owners running most the English premier league clubs, the managers have absolutely no margin for error. Owners display ruthless attitude when it comes to changing club managers. Many football analysts believe that is an unconstructive trend for the growth of the football club. Chelsea’s Russian owner Roman Abramovich rolled in the money at the start of his tenure, but has failed to consistently back a manager.

Since the start of his tenure, the Russian has sacked no less than seven managers. That is a very long list considering the number of year Roman Abramovich has been the owner of Chelsea. Most of the sackings have come at the end of the seasons. Failing to win a trophy makes a manager a scapegoat. Instant success is what Roman Abramovich desires. The problem is a big one. The English premier league (also known as Barclays English premier League) is one of the toughest leagues to win. The number of teams aspiring to win the league is more than 5. If we compare other European countries like Spain, in the Spanish La Liga they usually have only two title contenders. They are the mighty Barcelona FC or the rich and famous Real Madrid FC. Other than that no other team is up for the fight. Usually we see one sided matches more in La Liga. This does not happen in the English premier league.

If we take a look at Italy, At most they have 3 teams fighting it out for the title. Milan based AC Milan, Inter Milan (Also known as Internazionale Milano) and Juventus have been the main title contenders in Italy for more than a decade now. The match fixing scandal has not affected their performance too much. Hence the English Premier league is a very tough league to manage. The owner of Chelsea must give the Young manager time to build a team and bring success to the club.
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